The New Shift In Influencer Marketing

The decline in radio listenership and TV viewership, alongside spikes in billboard prices have led influencer marketing to become the most cost-effective form of advertising in the era of digital marketing. 

‘Influencing’ is a trend that is now widespread with audiences engaged in all types of influential lifestyle content that covers food, travel, lifestyle, fashion, and even tech and fitness

Influencer marketing is growing at a very fast rate and a lot of money is being invested in this sector than ever before.   

Influencers Marketing vs Digital Marketing  

Digital marketing through an agency is very different from Influencer marketing in more ways than one. 

How does a marketing agency represent a brand compared to influencers? 

An Influencers content is sometimes presented with a bias that adds the risk of the product being misrepresented or underrepresented for its benefits and features. This is a factor that cannot always be controlled. Adhering carefully to brand guidelines is often a top priority for clients.

At a digital marketing agency such as Market Me Famous, influencer collaborations are often undertaken to achieve KPIs such as brand awareness. Carefully analyzing the audience demographics of the influencer, insights such as the gender, geolocation and age group of the influencer’s followers is taken into consideration. These insights are important factors to target the right audience for our clients. Budget is another factor that is taken into consideration when it comes to planning a digital campaign with high profile influencers. 

Although there are advantages to focusing a campaign heavily on influencer marketing, digital marketing through an agency such as Market Me Famous, can target your audience using a narrow and concentrated approach by specialists who use the experience and expertise to target your audience by more than just their age, gender and geolocation. 

Influencers fall under two types, macroinfluencers, and micro-influencers. Although it may look like macro-influencers are your best bet when it comes to successfully reaching your audience, because they have a huge following, but they may not necessarily be connected to their followers the way micro-influencers are. Microinfluencers have a more personal approach with their followers, leading to a higher engagement rate on posts and an increased possibility of a successful impact on the influencer’s audience. 

If you’re considering influencer marketing, you need to know about Robo influencersas they are the new-age species in the market.

Lil Miquela  (Instagram handle: @lilmiquela) is a Robo influencer with 1.6 Million followers, created by Sara DeCou and Trevor McFedries of Brud, an LA start-up that claims on its website to specialize in artificial intelligence and robotics.” Miquela is not like you or me. Many believe she is merely a digital avatar, but make no mistake because she poses in real-world scenarios alongside real people. To know more about Lil Miquela, check out her Instagram handle: @lilmiquela    

She has worked with fashion houses such as Dior and Versace and has even collaborated with singers such as Baauer to release a music video. Watch the full music video here: Click here 

So far, so normal. But This new trend could spell the future of the digital marketing and the influencer industry. 

Reach out to us to know more about it.

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