Facebook Chatbot: The Magical Community Management Tool Everyone Should Use

Facebook has been leading the platform to connect between friends and families, but its Messenger platform has been one of the key features which has started to replace many instant messenger apps and features.

Over the past few years advancement in artificial intelligence and software technology has increased drastically resulting in more businesses adopting chatbots and artificial Intelligence.

The application of chatbots has increased and become widespread in 2019. The Facebook chatbot in comparison to the previous year has a significant growth in its technology, recognizing the question and intention of the customers by initiating a conversation to help the customer make an informed decision.

How can chatbots help develop strategies for marketing business?


Over the past year there has been a sharp rise of Messenger chatbots resulting in an exchange of more than 8 billion messages between Facebook users and businesses utilizing chatbots.

Facebook believes that these chatbots can immensely help businesses specially as we are moving further in this digital age. Here are some key points to consider the viability of the chatbot utility:

  • Live chat has 73% high satisfaction level of all customer service channels


  • Automate before it’s too late, up to 85% of all customer-business interaction will move towards bots assisting customers without a human intermediary by 2020


  • According to a test by HubSpot, content delivery using Facebook Messenger yielded better results as compared to traditional email methods. When they compared the metrics, Facebook Messenger chatbots had an open rate of 80% and CTR of 13% while the same content via email had an open rate of 33% and CTR of only 2.1%


If the above information indicates anything, its that Facebook Messenger and its capabilities should be part of your social media marketing strategies in order to stay competitive in the near future.

Facebook chatbots


Compared to all mobile chat apps, Facebook Messenger ranks second with almost 1.3 billion active users worldwide. Facebook, still is the most popular social media network. In this age of technology and information, consumers want everything on the click of the button.

chatbots can help engage with user and help them learn more about your business.

Advantages of Facebook chatbot


If you are still not convinced to use Messenger to use for your chatbot platform, here are few advantages:

Customer Service Round the Clock

One of the best practices which every business should incorporate in their messengers is to equip the chatbot with FAQs, this help give an instant response to user inquiries while freeing up valuable time for your customer service staff.

Automated e-commerce

Social media channels are a great platform to help boost your e-commerce business, Facebook chatbots will help you up your game. With e-commerce software capabilities, your chatbot can identify which products your customer is looking for and connect them to the item through a call-to-action button. Clear CTAs and seamless journey will boost the confidence of the customer when making a purchase

Targeted leads

Start treating your social media fans as your subscribers list. What does this mean? Your customers or followers can easily be targeted using messenger chatbots with relevant offers, promotion, blog updates and more. These are delivered in the form of messages; customers are more likely to open a Facebook message compared to email. You can expect a higher engagement rates through this platform.

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