Having a 360° view Social Media Marketing

Facebook introduced the ability to upload and view 360 degree photos and, while many couldn’t care less, many others lost their minds over this new feature!

We are now seeing the trend pick up. More and more 360° views of people’s high-rise apartments, their views and so on and so on. Don’t get me wrong, these are all fine and dandy when posting on your personal profile on Facebook, but why not use them for a more constructive purpose?

It gets annoying though when business pages decide they want to get in on all the excitement and they have absolutely no idea what type of 360° photo to share. So they share their street or some picturesque place that has no relevance to their business – all in the name of embracing a new trend.

What should you be sharing? Here are some ideas on how you can use 360 degree photos for your business.


Unique Perspectives are KEY

  • An amazing and unique perspective photo could be highly valuable to your posting strategy. I’m talking standing at the peak of the highest building in your city, getting a panoramic shot of the whole city view.
  • If you have a multi-level venue and you want to post from the top down or the reverse.
  • If you are going to post chef in the kitchen, get an aerial shot to avoid looking generic.
  • To capture a full venue, try to shoot where nothing obstructs your view, maybe behind the bar as the bartender’s eye.
  • If you are in a gym, behind the reception desk. It is most important to be original.


This invites people in to the location to really get a feel for what your location looks like and what they can expect when they visit.