We are The New Generation of
Social Media Marketing.

Our team are the embodiment of the company’s ideology ranging from left brain tech, analytics and research to right brain branding, graphic design, photography and creative direction.

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The team at Market Me Famous Identify and leverage insights to develop innovative multi-platform social media strategies tailored to our client’s specific needs. We cultivate and raise the voice of your brand with a team of strategists, content managers, copywriters, and community managers, in order to drive meaningful social engagement with your target consumer. Premium storytelling and analytics are the heartbeat of Market Me Famous. Our team of photographers, cinematographers, brand designers, researchers, developers and advertising experts produce, emotionally engaging content to help shape your brand identity and put it in front of targeted niche audiences.

What We Do


As a Social Media Marketing Agency, we manage the social media presence of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels as well as globally recognized restaurants and clubs. We continually elevate the consumer experience through premium storytelling and advertising.

Market Me Famous puts its brands directly in front of the crème de la crème focusing on sniper targeting the most desirable clientele. We help our brands stand out amongst the clutter in a highly competitive market.


We manage the best of the best in the Lifestyle and Fitness sectors. Strategically leveraging international branding methods and constantly giving our clients the ability to infiltrate and dominate the market with advanced marketing techniques; our clients stand out with unique and unmatched style.


Utilizing both our local and global reach we maximize the exposure for our clients who throw music festivals, concerts, fashion shows and a multitude of other events. The team aims to put the most inviting images both static and video in front of the desired attendees in order to make every event a success.


Conventional automotive marketing is obsolete. At Market Me Famous we work directly with the top social media influencers and digital journalists to create awareness online. With creative video and content strategies, we generate new age forms of exposure and interaction. Ranging from showrooms to events, Market Me Famous has a hook and in everywhere within the automotive sector.

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We are Passionate about bold brands
and creative personalities

In today’s digital world it is important to craft premium, authentic, and strategic social media narratives that drive emotional connections with consumers, resulting in social shareability. We are passionate about bold brands and creative personalities.

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    Our Services

    Left Brain

    Establish/Construct Digital Presence

    • • Conduct an assessment of your current performance and communication practices
    • • Identify which social media channels are vital to your brand’s online presence
    • • Creation & fabrication of all social and digital mediums

    Marketing & Distribution

    • • Compiling research on demographic for brand
    • • Utilizing E.P.T. (exclusive proprietary technique) for optimizing social awareness of the client’s brand to distribute marketing content
    • • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    • • Utilize scheduling insights in order to get online interaction with your audience

    Media Monitoring

    • • Monitoring all social media avenues and raising awareness of social interactions
    • • Monitoring all social media/digital avenues and raising awareness of both positive and negative reviews
    • • Community Management


    • •Taking analytics for all social avenues as well as deeply penetrating research into targeted audiences and compiling data for review by client in a non-industry specific format
    • •We will identify monthly key learnings and objectives moving forward
    • •Creating a new strategy for use of data in order to maximize analytics

    Right Brain

    Digital Branding

    • • Translating clients established brand guidelines into ideas for digital format
    • • Creating a storyline that utilizes the digital guidelines to take the viewer on a journey of what the brand is
    • • Create Tone of voice for social avenues

    Content Creation

    • • Develop original social media content by translating digital concept into a tangible graphic
    • • Create unique copy written text
    • • Work with graphic artist to create images and graphics to best optimize any paid monetization
    • • Work with videographers, graphic artists and photographers to create moving graphics for posting on social media avenues
    • • Set up photoshoots for continued new content
    • • Utilize U.G.C. to get larger base of organic reach to build upon


    • • Work with marketing team to direct ideas for events or specialty offerings to compete in their sector.

    Our Clients


    We are passionate about bold brands and creative personalities.

    Come find us at home, where all are welcome: Dubai, UAE


    3003 Dome Tower
    Cluster N
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